Job interview

Don’t Do This In Your Next Job Interview

Job interview planning is an important part of a consultant’s responsibility and are meant to try and make sure that you as a candidate are as prepared as possible for your job interview.  However many consults will generally give the most attention to the “do’s”, and not on the “don’ts”, which can often have a […]

GPS Watch

Bored And Need A Gadget?

Are you bored and need a gadget to play with or maybe you need to get somewhere really quickly or maybe you just want some wearable technology.  All these are great reasons to get yourself a Watch GPS Unit.  A watch GPS unit is firstly a wrist watch that you can wear on your wrist […]

Are You Planning to Be Employed In Bank Transactions?

One of the most rewarding but challenging professions to get into is the world on banking. The best candidates with the best scores from the perfect schools and colleges have often found themselves unable to get into this marketplace as there may be often a great deal of competition. Investment banks will usually be receiving […]